Holybro F7 Mini, Log / ftp stopped working internal flash not working after update to 4.3.5

I have two small Quads with Holybro F7 Mini FC’s, and the internal flash has stopped working on both after update to 4.3.5? I haven’t changed any of the setting in MP ‘log’.


Need help, thanx

This should be 4 for Block logging. I have that same FC and use 50 for buffer size. You can update to 4.3.6 now.

I did upgrade, and ensured the setting where per your note log set to 4.

Still not working, or maybe? MP can’t see the ftp but logs can be seen. So maybe a problem with MP?

Maybe an ftp problem because of low ram? Try erasing the chip - that should at least tell you if basic stuff is working

Sorry but now do I do that?

Note; MP ftp doesn’t work,

I’ll try del the logs.