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HobbyWing XRotor Pro ESCs DEO?

(MickeM) #1


I have a question regarding DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization)… The Manual says:
It is a technology that significantly improves throttle linearity and driving efficiency. The ESC will automatically brake and quickly reduce the motor speed when decreasing the throttle amount. This can remarkably improve the movement of the multi-rotors and the stability of its flight direction. Moreover, this also improves the driving efficiency of the ESC and reduces its operating temperature.

We have a bunch of 40A HobbyWing XRotor Pro-ESCs we are going to use in a 7 kg hexacopter (15 kg max depending on load).

DEO sounds good. But when I read the part that it automatically brake… is it perfectly suiteable for small FPV-racing quads? Is it at all clever to use this DEO on our big rig? Have anyone of you tested this or know what to do? On or Off?


(TI) #2

I am currently working on a Hexacopter build with the 50A version of this ESC, and am wondering the same thing.
The active braking should make the craft considerably more responsive.
Have you found out anything new on that?