Hobbywing Skywalker Quattro 25A with APM 2.5

How to you connect the SkyWalker Quattro to the APM. I am having problem with what to connect to the receiver, meaning the Quattro has a lead that is connected to the throttle on the receiver. The APM needs a throttle input, how do you connect to that pin on the APM?

I am a 72 year old newbie…I just do not understand and I need some help

Hi rwb36532, from memory the white cable (S3) on the black/red/white servo cable is the throttle. Connect the single cable connectors to the output pins on the APM board then decide if you want to power the FC (Flight Controller) using a 6-pin PM (Power Module) cable or by the UBEC that comes from the Quattro (the red and black cables that are joined to the S3 cable). I separated the UBEC cabling and made a new servo connector from the S3 connector so I wouldn’t mix them up.

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … nnections/

(I use the Quattro within my DIY IRIS+ build)

Thank you very much!