HML650 gear controller troubles

Hi everyone! First, let me apologize for the novel I’m about to post.

I am having an issue with pixhawk and The HML650 retractable landing gear.

The pixhawk is programed correctly and my old gear worked great! Then I burned up the servos in my cheap gear, so I ordered the HML650 gear and controller.

The trouble is, the new controller will reverse the retract and deploy values based on the switch position at boot-up.

For instance, with the controller plugged directly to the receiver, if I power up with my switch in the up position, up is the “deployed” position and the gear will retract when the switch is placed down, then deploy when the switch is placed back up, Just as it should.

HOWEVER, if the switch is in the down position when the controller is powered up this now becomes the “deployed” position. Then placing the switch up will retract the gear.

This is confusing the pixhawk so it is hit and miss whether it works correctly. Some times it works, and other times it will retract when it should deploy (land or RTL)

Does anyone know of a way to force the HML650 controller to not “auto Sense” the switch position and stay consistent?


How have you got it connected to the Pixhawk ? What parameters have you got set for them ?

What firmware are you running ?

The landing gear set up changed recently to make deployment at power up different to before.But they should work easily.