High magnetic field

Hi, There is a problem with my drone. Compass magnetometer work properly up to 2 meters height from the ground. But when it goes higher than 2 meters height, compass magnetometer goes over the normal value up to 0.8. So it makes an error.
what can I do for this problem?

its hard to say without log file
could you please send BIN log file of this flight ?

but totally try to disable internal compass and only use external
re-calibrate again
if you have only two or one compass, check for third compass to be not enabled.
try to make external compass at the least 15cm higher than motors
also check for high amperage wires be far from your internal and external magnetometers

Good luck

It’s strange for me that it gives error above 1 or 2 meters.

high noise in magnometers

try suggestion in last post

if didn’t help try mot compass calibration

You should have the CAN compass (ID 97539) as priority 1
You have:

Thanks Dave, it worked!