Hide RC failsafe message in AUTO mode

Hi, Can I prevent somehow to show RC failsafe message in HUD screen when I fly in missions? I need the RC only to take off and land at home, all other time I do not want to see the red message in the HUD screen. Thanks.

I mean I need the radio, but only when I in RC mode. When I am AUTO or GUIDED I would like to hide any statuses of the RC.

No way in ArduPilot to do that, really. While we do have an option for
ignoring RC for the purposes of failsafes, that is a different thing as
reporting might still be important.

Perhaps better to do it on the GCS side of things?

Do you mean that this change should be done in Mission Planner?

I found the solution. To prevent this FS message from showing in the HUD it is enough to setup any unused channel of USB joystick (for example channel 10), and enable the USB joystick in the Mission Planner. So then the MP will send the signal to channel 10 of your RC (only to 10th unused channel) so the message will never appear again.