Hexsoon Edu450 Flipping at take off


I believe this to be a very simple and noob problem, but I can’t find a solution to it. Basically, at take-off, when increasing the throttle of my quadcopter (with CubePilot Orange), it does not lift off, but strongly tilts falling backwards. No matter how hard or slow I increase the throttle after arming it.

We followed the instructions in the wiki about ESC calibration etc.

I attach photos and video of the quadcopter trying to take off, at around second 10 you can see it lifting backwards. It is not shown in this video, but when I try to increase the throttle stronger (even immediately after arming) the copter strongly flips completely on the back side.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Flipping is usually cause by the wrong motor order or prop direction. Did you use Mission Planners Motor Test function to determine if it’ correct?

Or, you simply haven’t given it enough throttle to get it off the ground. It’s also possible you have to invert the Pitch channel in your transmitter.

Those motors and props look backwards to me. Unless the photo is reversed it looks like you have the motors set-up “props out”, but they should be “props in”.