Hexa unable to fly straight on pitch

Good morning.
This is an extension of the last question.
Your answers have been very helpful. We have solved many problems, but there are still many unsolved problems.

One of them is straight forward.

Roll (left, right) moves as desired without any problems.

Problems occur with pitch (forward, backward)

Hexa flows to the left while moving forward

When reversing, the hexa flows to the right

I tried changing the GPS and running the Compass calibration again, but nothing changed.

And the second problem was that the status of the GPS was 3D Fix
However, i change Stabilize mode to Loiter mode, an error message appears and changes to 3D dgps.

Could it be that this second problem caused the first problem?

Or is it a completely separate issue?

Binary Log will be uploaded soon.

If there is a video of the flight, would it be helpful for you guys to help me solve my problem?

Check the mounting orientation of the flight controller, is it twisted to the left?
Check the motor arms, is the angle between them constant? is their length equal? are any motors twisted? Are the arms bent?

Yes, I checked all of those things.

Upload a bin file and maybe a photo of the drone from top, where the controller and the motors are visible.