Hexa rotates in CCW direction after takeoff

OK, thanks Dave. - Bill

yes wiki is missing lots of stuff it will always be a WIP, it is getting better but still missing some stuff and you are absolutely correct things are out of order in the wiki and a bit clunky on its layout. feel free to go to the bottom of any of the wiki’s and open a github issue if you think you have an idea of improving it!

After thinking a lot about this issue, I found out that there was a problem with esc. However, esc calibration did not solve the problem. So I did an individual esc calibration and it flew successfully. What are your thoughts? Can the motor calibration in the mission planner fail due to an error??

Indicate that the motor calibration is complete in the mission planner.

I find the semi-automatic ESC calibration is the best

Could you post a log after you did all the esc calibrations and it flew fine?