Hexa rotates in CCW direction after takeoff

During the drone test, after take off, the drone tries to rotate in the ccw direction.

I want to know why.

thank you!

Bad radio calibration and/or yaw trim not centered,

Bad setting (yaw reversed)

Bad assembly with twisted arm…

I did all the tests The direction of the motor and the position of the propeller are normal. I also checked the trim, but I don’t know why it rotates.

And while the motor in the reverse direction rotates quickly, the rotation of the drone also rotates counterclockwise. I would like to know the reason for this.

Post a .bin log and check the RC transmitter trims again.

I made 8 flights.

However, the symptoms remained the same, with no change.

p.s. remote controller trim is neutral.
I will upload the log file together.

Good day !

2022-07-22 12-23-27.bin (944 KB)
2022-07-22 12-35-26.bin (451.4 KB)
2022-07-22 12-38-21.bin (827.4 KB)

Uploading: 2022-07-22 11-24-47.bin…
2022-07-22 11-44-44.bin (882.5 KB)
2022-07-22 12-00-17.bin (403.3 KB)

Another example of flying on default parameters. I don’t understand how this happens so often when the Initial Setup Parameters screen is under Mandatory Hardware in Mission Planner.
Not sure if this will solve your Yaw issue but it needs to be done in any case.


It would be a very bad idea to try to implement a pre-arm check against it?

I understand that some little ammount of drones would fly ok with it, but I think it would educate new users better…

Perhaps so, this issue occurs almost daily.

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Maybe the issue arises from the fact that the documentation page for “First Flight” appears before the documentation page for “Initial Setup Parameters”.

I understand the order is correct in MP - it is just inconsistent with the Wiki for this case.

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Is there any other way to solve the problem?

Do you mean other than following recommended procedures? Why don’t you follow them and then ask for help if you have problems?

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Hello please follow along with the links on how to properly setup arducopter. If you follow the setup instructions you will often find that your copter is flyable although it may need some tuning afterwards. These instructions have gotten very detailed and are almost up to date with all the features and releases arducopter has. If you find after you have read the wiki and are still in need of further assistance feel free to post here with a bin file. Other users will be much more obliged to help if they can see you have followed the written instructions and tried to help yourself before asking questions. Also if language is a barrier try and post in both your native language and a translated version of it. I know the wiki is lacking in translation so that often does not help users!

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I respect your opinion, but it has already been implemented.

There is no evidence of that in the logs you posted.


I have another question If you control the rudder on the radio during motor arming and put it in neutral, what symptoms do you see in the servo output of the mission palanner?

If it’s sitting on the ground it doesn’t matter.

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Dave which part of the recommended procedures do you think would help with the yaw issue?


Perhaps none but some craft can fly so poorly on default parameters that it’s not worth troubleshooting a problem until that has been done.