Hexa crash at maiden flight

I am new to ardupilot , I sincerely apologize if my the errors are very basic.
I would be grateful if anyone could help me analyse the reason for the crash.
I also realize of making a mistake for flying in the house parking area .

Are the following reasons for the crash of the hexa? or/and I am missing some from the analysis?

  1. Vibrations are more than 30.
  2. Due to sudden drop of voltage , Bat failsafe triggered RTL and hexa toppled over the attic.
  3. EKF variance, & EKF Primary changed.
    • NKF1 , NKF6 & NK11 are not showing similar curve for pitch and roll respectively.
      Can anyone share what could be the reason for not having similar curve, Why EKF are showing different estimation. But All the 3 IMU are having same curve.

Why was Motor interlock enabled for some duration and disabled?

I have attached some graph, Link to video of the crash & Link of the Log file.
Log : (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U4Hf9W9AzqzSML2pftKYQiJ68lr-kHI1/view?usp=sharing)

Log: (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gPzIGaYG3vfYlM9tj_t4928Q730ydIL-/view?usp=sharing)

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:,

Can you give us more details as to your build?

The video really doesn’t show anything other than you taking off

Also the .log doesn’t really help. We need the .bin file

Hi Dave ,

Build details
Hexacopter, S550 Airframe,
Prop : 1045
Emax 2216 II 810Kv motor, Hobby wing xrotor 40A esc
Pixhawk cube black , here gps
Power1 : Mauch Hs100Lv powermodule , Power 2: powerbrick mini from the stock .
Battery : Tattu 2700mah 3s
Telemetry : RFD900+
Radio : Taranis x9D plus

Log Bin file

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:,

Something is def wrong with the way the system is logging. Unless you just had the props spinning on the ground for 20 mins.

Your Barometer doesn’t even really change either

You do have a huge battery voltage drop…

At the same time as a huge current spike

I do see you voltage alarm being triggered.

What was going on for these 20 mins?

I didn’t arm and keep the drone for 20 mins

Hi Dave,
I had a plan of performing another test flight just hovering in stabalize mode at 2-3feet . After 9hrs . Am I not supposed to fly .
Thank you