Hexa copters drone flipped with minimum throttle during take off

i am new to drones

i have hexa copter which fliped while throttle was just minimum(not even 5%) where the propellers broken

1)as i have checked motors rotation after arming, all motors are start rotating at same time and speed are equal, with their sequence clockwise,anti clockwise propellers and their rotation checked for all motors were correct.
2)since the drone is huge and wheel base 3.5 meter, so i had to calibrate all parameter like accelometer,compass radio with pixhawk and gps comass with battery on a table itself completed. Whether calibration should be done keeping pixhawk insde the copter
please do HELP US

Flipping like that is often an indication that the motors are connected to the controller in the wrong order. Have you double-checked your connections against this document?

A log file would help.
Some specs on thrust v weight can have a big bearing on stability.
Too much power is not always a good thing.

You might also check that you have the correct props on for the motor rotation. I’ve done this.
You may have swapped 2 of them.

I suggest to test the motors with the specific function in Mission Planner .

You can acttivate every motor at once and verify that each motor is in the right place that in fact the corresponding esc is plugged in the correct position in the flight controller .

I’m quite sure that you have connect wrongly the esc to the flight control