Hexa-Copter with V-Frame

Hello all,
I’m building a hexa-copter with V-Frame (similar to the octo V but only with 6 motors).
Actually we have installed the latest firmware with the configuration frame_class = hexa and frame_type = X. The copter flies well, but when I turn over yaw, it wobbles quite a lot on roll. When I try to set the frame_type to V, a warning comes up that this is not possible for the frame_class = hexa. I can change the frame_type to H, does this solve my problem or what else can I do for solving the problem?
Thank you!

You should change the code to add support for the V frame. Simple PID tuning will probably not fully fix your issue.

Take a look at a recent Pull request to add DECAROTOR support.

Hello Lucas, thank you for your answer!
Unfortunately I do not have the know how to change the code.
where can I make the request to change the code?

Thank you!

Hi Michael,

If I’m not wrong, you should change in the code your motor matrix frame setup in AP_MotorMatrix.cpp replacing an existing frame_class (easiest) or creating a new class (a bit harder, but recommended) for your setup

Hello Andreas,
thank you for the information. But I need help for doing that.
Who can help me?
Thank you!

Can anyone help me?
Thank you!

Here is a link to a similar issue. It should help you getting started.