Hertz, do you set this up?

Sometimes looking at parameters, there are parameters in Hertz.
I don’t know what this means.
I don’t have enough knowledge about this.
I didn’t know so far, so I didn’t have any trouble flying without setting.
But my curiosity asks questions.
Do you set these values ​​too?
What is at the lower frequencies and what is at the higher frequencies?
If you change the value, can you see the aircraft changing with the naked eye? Or should I check through the binary log?

Some parameters units are in Hertz for frequency (cycles per second)
Which parameters are you looking at specifically?

Hertz is unit of measure like Kilometer per hour or Miles per hour.

Hertz is used to define the wavelength of a frequency. Means how many waves per second.

gps, compass, etc.
Is this good at high value? Or is it better to be low?
I don’t know when to reduce it or to increase it.

Thanks for the reply.
If you listen to it, is it faster to update the value if the hertz value is higher?

Its not up to you decide to increase the frequency which you mean baud rate for the GPS.

" The baud rate is the rate at which information is transferred in a communication channel. In the serial port context, “9600 baud " means that the serial port is capable of transferring a maximum of 9600 bits per second”

Each Electronic device is designed to support variety of baud rates. So if your GPS can only handle for example 5600 baud rate well that’s the max you can set at.

What type of;

  1. Flight Controller you have?
  2. What type and Brand of GPS do you have?
  3. Faster baud rate is always better, because you can transfer more information in the shortest amount of time. Its like talking really fast :slight_smile:

There are no Compass parameters in terms of frequency (unit Hz). What are you talking about? With GPS_RATE it depends on the module you have as to what update rate it’s capable of. Leave it at the default of 200ms.

Are you trying to set up a quadcopter or something from the beginning?

After you check the documentation and follow through the basic steps in MissionPlanner, use this Tuning Guide before flying:

and this spreadsheet to derive the values you need to put in parameters:

Um … I think I saw it wrong.
For example, this RC_SPEED

My fc is set to 490hz.
I wonder what happens when this 490 goes up and what happens when it goes down.
I have never touched a parameter that uses hz units.

I wonder if I usually set this up, or if my drone looks better when I set this up

  • you take 200ms as an example, if this gets shorter, do you update faster?
    Wouldn’t it be nice to renew more often?

I knew my memory was wrong.
In compass, there is no parameter to use hz unit.

But now, I am more curious.

Whether it is high or low, whether it is high or low, what is it like when it is high, what it does when it is low.

And if the lower (higher) is better, why did set this in the parameter window.

If you say, “The lower the better,” is it okay to fix it to the lowest value?

You dont want to change that RC Speed - you’d need different ESCs to take advantage of it, and it would have doubtful value anyway. Most arducopters are not going to react any quicker with a faster RC protocol or update rate, they’ve typically got too much inertia.
A racing quad might be a different story, where DSHOT600 or higher my have a positive effect. But then again you’d probably be using Betaflight if you’re chasing extreme performance.