HereLink connection issue

I am experiencing an odd issue with my HereLink. There is a solid connection between the air unit and the ground unit. I can see the autopilot is receiving signal from the hand unit however no feedback from the autopilot is making it to the HereLink. I have continuity checked all connectors and it was working until I turned it on one day and it wasn’t working. I have tried updating the autopilot, and HereLink units to no affect. Any ideas?

Aerial orentation? Check Herelnk stick antenna not pointing directly to air unit antenna???

Which Serial port do you use as FC/Herelink connection ?
Check your mavlink / telemetry settings (SRXX parameters on Arducopter, Mavlink settings on QGC on Herelink Ground unit, Settings/Planner on Mission Planner)

That can not be it there is a solid connection between air and hand unit.

I believe all the cable are plugged in correctly as it was working until one day it just stopped. Would that likely be a settings issue? Also what is SRXX?
SR1 in particular is generally the Stream Rates parameter used for setting the telemetry rate between FC and Herelink, given that Herelink is connected on Serial 1 on the carrier board.
Telemetry works using the mavlink protocol. In this protocol, the flight controller sends telemetry to other devices depending on the last requests it got from said devices. If your Herelink were to not send requests, the FC could check it’s SR parameters to autonomously set its stream rates.

Could you elaborate on your problem please ?
How can you be sure that the autopilot is receiving signal from the Herelink RC ? What feed back from the autopilot are you looking for ?
Have you tried swapping your autopilot for another one ?

Using mission planner I can see the autopilot is receiving commands from the Herelink. The problem is that it seems no telemetry is being sent back to the Herelink air unit from the autopilot.

Did you check the telem cable between the Herelink and the carrier board ? Could be a hardware problem on the TX cable from FC to Herelink

Continuity checked the whole thing.

The cable supplied with Orange CUBE are really really bad…The Fc has a mind of its own. Even till this day since 1 year from purchase , I am not able to figure out why the CUBE Orange FC works only intermittently !! I use a Px4 firmware .