Here3 gnss could get only 12 satellite at max

I am trying to use a here 3 Gps along with my cube orange FC. but no matter what I do, the sat count wint go above 12 and that barely beings the HDOP less than 1.
I did update the here3 firmware but no luck. Please help me

None of that sounds like a problem. You won’t get much better than 1m precision without RTK.

Is it safe to fly? , since the HDOP is higher than usual (0.5) , does it effect the loiter performance??

It’s safe unless you’re trying to use automated modes within 1m of obstacles…which you probably shouldn’t do anyway…

So the HDOP value of 0.9 wont make much difference in position eatimate?
I personally never flew any copter with this high HDOP, even then the normal here2 or plus use to give us a landing accuracy of about 1.5m.