Here+ RTK vs GNSS ArduCopter 4.0.6


I have assembled an hexacopter based on the Tarot 680 Pro frame and it flies perfectly. Autotune had been completed and everything works as it should with no errors; telemetry with Mission Planner etc…

I have purchased an Here+ RTK kit so its GNSS module is the Here+ rover.

What I want to do is to be able to prove with data that the RTK improves precision (Lat., Long., Alt.) in my application.

I have set 10 waypoints, including take off and RTL. It hovers at each waypoint during 10sec, then move to the next until it comes back to launch. I made 4 runs with GNSS only, and 4 runs with RTK fixed (needed 14+ satellites to be in RTK fixed). I have the dataflash log for all runs.

My question is this: can I just take the GPS Lat., Long., Alt. from the dataflash logs in the 8 runs mentionned above and compare the precision? I’m wondering if those data fields take into consideration the RTK corrections.

Also, is there a way to extract the RTK corrections from those fields to be able to prove overall gain?

Thank you very much.

Hello, sorry for letting you wait for such a long time…

I am also pretty new with the RTK stuff and was hoping someone else may answer your question.

The best way to see if and how much the accuracy increased is when your uav is on the ground and is not moving at all. Zoom in on the mission planner map and see how it is drifting (or not :slight_smile:)

Doing it up in the air is not helping because if the gps drifts, the copter will drift with it and the alt/long stays same/similar.

Hope this helps

Do you have RTK Fixed with this GPS ? Do you see that in Mission Planner ?