Here+ rover with a different RTK base?

Will the Here+ rover work with a different RTK base? I have a Topcon Legacy-E base station with a Pacific Crest ADL radio.

Any bases that use uBlox M8P chipset should be compatible.

do you have more details about the Topcon base. at a guess it would work. but if you can provide more info that would assist

It should be compatible if the base is sending the right gps messages to the rover.

Hi Michael,
Here is a link to a web site that has a link to the data sheet for Legacy-E:

and here is a web site that has links to the data sheet for the Pacific Creast ADL Vantage 35 radio:

Michael, I am a land surveyor and we use radios such as the ones Neils speaks of. I think most of these produce a NEMA stream as well a number of other formats. I was planning on buying +here also and would love to use a typical GNSS base and RTK correction broadcast radio as well.

For example, those of us that use Trimble equipment use this protocol.