Here+ GPS confusing sounds on Pixhawk 2.1


Have a X8 with Pixhawk 2.1 Cube and the Hex Here+ (or Here2+) GNSS. On the ground in deactivated and disarmed mode, the GPS starts blinking orange instead of green and sounds like du-de-di and then di-de-du back. Several times per minute or every now and then. What does this mean?

It happens sometimes when it is stationary outside as well as when we move it from its place.

No errors in Mission Planner. 3D fix is stable. 16 sats, HDOP 0,7 regularly.

Perhaps your answer lies within the user manual:

Thanks! Noticed that it came a “compass inconsistence” error in Mission Planner. It was not at the same time as the yellow blinking and sound though. Did a compass calibration and then it acted normal again.