hi i have apm 2.6 with neo 6m after one heavy landing i niticed that whei i go to loiter mode the copter goes back slow but goes back and when i give elevator up and then release it it continiou go front…and in mission planner when i arm i notice that in the hud in flight data tab goes downand when i disarm it goes to level again in stabilize mode
but in the flight in tabilize mode i had some locks like when i gave aileron or elevator it continiu to go to that direction even if i release the stick.but not always only some times in stabilize but in hover it was perfect in stabilize an in alt hold but in loiter it as going bacwards pls help me

How about providing tlogs and/or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue?

ok you are right
here is my log but untill 4minute i did autotune but did not complete it landed and then the same.i had the problem before the auto tune i did that as a solution

any help for the loiter problem what should is do???