Help with relay and aux output

Hi all,

i’m trying to use aux output on my Orange cube. So I want to use 4 aux output 1 to 4. the two first pin will be use to duplicate RC IN radio and the last pint use as relay pin LOW/HIGHT.
I’ve succesfully configure AUX pin 3-4 to be use as relay it’s works if I use my switch on my radio I have an LOW/HIGHT status.
But for now I want to duplicate Radio 12 chan in my aux pin number 1 and it’s doesn’t work I don’t know why.

If I go in radio calibration I receive well Radio 12 chan so after that I’ve tried to set SERVO9_FUNCTION to 62 for RCIN12 but I don’t have any signal on it, should I do other setting?
My First relay pin in standard params is to set to AUXOUT3 RELAY_PIN to 52 and RELAY_PIN2 to 53 and BRD_PWM_COUNT to 2 and SERVO9_FUNCTION to 62

does it work on a regular servo channel like servo8? does SERVO8_FUNCTION to 62 work?

I can’t try it because I have my own pcb with my cube and regular servo outupur are used for motors, I’ve only access to aux 1-4.

I really don’t understand where is the problem. SERVO9 is the first AUX pin we agree? And BRD_PWM_COUNT to 2 will configure ardupilot to use AUX port 3-6 to be relay pin but AUX port 1 and 2 stay as servo function ?

Something stange if I go to Servo Output page in SETUP menu in mission planner I can see the gauge move well with my radio, it’s look like juste I don’t have a output on my aux port

Because maybe I can’t use this function to redirect RCIN12 into ESC signal directly?

have you tested when armed?