Help with log analysis - Tricopter

Hi, I can’t get my tricopter to flying state :slightly_frowning_face:
While trying to tune roll/pitch kP with RC6 channel it seemed to fly stable and then it stopped reacting to RC commands and started climbing up. I brought throttle down and it fell a second later.
FC is Holybro Kakute F7 STM32F745, ESC is Holybro Tekko32, and GPS + Compass is BN-880.

Can anyone help me with log analysis or have any idea what to try?

Looking at your RCout, it is way overpowered.
Try adding some weight.

I suspected about being overpowered when I had to lower PIDs to really small values and it still wobbled. Might even try to repack this into bigger tricopter frame that I have laying around.
Only thing that confuses me is that this is similar to ‘racing’ setups that many people fly without any problems.
Thanks Mike!

Yes, but those racing setups are specifically tuned and mostly flown in Acro.

I have a few racing quads that fly really well on 3S and have been tuned to fly very stably on 3S, but if I put 4S on them they will oscillate all over the sky.

Just try and get it flying stable enough to do an autotune.
Maybe add a bit of weight to quieten it down, do an autotune, then remove some if not all the weight and autotune again.