Help with flight altitude

I recently set up a new orange cube on a copter (quad)… in my flight tests I am very happy with PIDs that I used auto tune then some manual adjustment.
I am looking for help now to tune the altitude… and was hoping someone can look at the log and tell me where to start… it seems there are many ways to adjust the EKF filters along with GPS ect…

Currently the orange cube is mounted to the top of the copter and exposed to air moving across the drone. I reasoned that the barometers are enclosed so the air shouldnt impact them, however something is as the barometer seems erratic and the altitude also appears the same

I will also add an external barometer to see if this helps, however how to enclose this is a question

Thanks, Mike - below is the link to the bin!AmW8JONezY1UgpBG41T0ycWIghJ5tA?e=BQpywk

It doesn’t look too bad. You could try incrementally increasing the vertical controller P gain PSC_POSZ_P).

Thanks Dave… I will give that a try once the snow melts :slight_smile:

Is it possible to correct the decrease in altitude during automatic flight by gradually increasing and adjusting “PSC_POSZ_P”?

First you need to establish why it’s losing altitude during Auto flight.

I don’t know the cause.
Is it tuning about altitude?

Perhaps you will get an answer on some of the other threads you have posted this same question.