Help with control parameters via Lua script?

So long story short, I have a custom motor mix craft that is running Ardupilot and it seems that I am in need of someone smarter than I am to help create the parameter of control that I have in mind.

I am being told I could learn to write it myself but I would rather trust in someone, as mentioned above, smarter than myself.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

Good place to post it. Share as many details as possible.

Appreciate the reply, sorry for the delay!

I would like the ability to roll and pitch in a mode that doesn’t allow me to control that parameter due the custom motor mix aspect. The craft has the ability to do this but its just not built into that mode by default.

I am being told a simple Lua script will fix this but my go-to guy is busy and I would rather pay someone to help me make this script solid.

Hope this helps!