Help with antenna tracker for my apm 2.6 pls?

[size=150][b]hi everyone i have apm2.6 and i love it so match . i have it on airtitan airplane … 1441888500

and i install apm2.6 and have everything i need for it like speed sensor and long ring RFD900 Telemetry

900mhz communication link and i just finish building my ground station case with windows and live feed video .
the only thing that i which i can have is antenna tracker for my setup without changing my apm2.6 to something else .

is there any way that i can get a antenna tracker to fallow my airplane with my currant system . if no is there a small device that i can add to my airplane to make the antenna tracker fallow the airplane?

pls help i love you all fpv people for what we are doing .[/b][/size]

I built one using a Pololu Maestro board and running Mission Planner. There are good instructions in the Wiki on how to do this.

David R. Boulanger

can u pls give me some links for it on the wiki

and do i need and thing else than a pololu maestro bord

pls i need more help from you


Try This. … -tracking/