Help with analyzing crash log

Hi, I had an unexpected crash with my mapping wing and was hoping someone could help look at the log to find the cause.

During the automatic hand launch take-off, the plane suddenly bank to the left and crashed. It was flying fine the day before so I’m not sure what happened.

Crash log

I must mentioned that prior to the flight it gave a pre-arm error and was unable to arm. However after cycling the power I was able to arm. Unfortunately I did not note down what error it was. Below is the log with the pre-arm error.

Pre-arm error

I’ve tried looking at the logs but have no idea where to start.

Thanks in advance!

@alvinc sorry for your crash. what kept you from arming was an internal error 0x4000. afaik that’s an spi timeout error that has been reported sporadically and seems hard to track down:

i’d suggest you take that log to the internal error reporting page and have the devs take a look into this:

as for the crash just after launch i’m not sure this is actually related. can’t spot any issues in that log at a rough glance, imho looks like she stalled over the port wing.

@vierfuffzig will post the log in the internal reporting page like you suggested, thanks!

Thank you for looking at the crash log, it was a bit gusty that day so a stall may be a possibility. However I couldn’t think of anything that can caused it to stall during take off. I hope the log can provide some explanation to what happened. As long as the crash is not related to any electronic failure I am happy.