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Help Setting Up Traditional Helicopter


Having trouble with a clone helicopter running a clone MiniPixhawk that came with no documentation.
Unable to get it to arm.
Attached are pics of my Tx settings.

EDIT: Starting reprogramming from scratch

(Jakob Schmidt) #2

Did you go through the setup pages?


I may have to, because it’s a clone heli and was apparently preconfigured as a quadcopter. It was supposed to be RTF right out of the box.

(Jakob Schmidt) #4

Yeah, that wont work. I recommend reading through the whole trad-heli documentation.

(Chris Olson) #5

It looks to me like you got channel 8 reversed in the RC? So it’s putting out full throttle signal with the throttle hold on? That won’t even let the ESC arm in the heli. So it’s not going to arm due to “motor interlock” error, and if it did it would go to full throttle.


Probably right Chris . . . maybe that explains why once when I disabled any ARMING_CHECKS in Mission Planner the motor went to full throttle and the throttle stick had no effect. I’m starting from scratch and going thru the Arducopter trad-heli documentation step-by-step. To give you an idea, I mapped all the switches and sticks and this is the way they came. (according to tech support, Switch G is supposed to be a 3-position flight mode switch . . . novice, expert, etc . . . and SwA is supposed to be Throttle Control - on/off)
Looks like Channel 8 was mapped to a VrB knob?
It doesn’t help that I’m a newb and getting broken English advice from tech support.
I am using RadioLink’s flavor of Mission Planner on their radio in case it makes a difference.
But hey, it’s a learning experience!

(Chris Olson) #7

It’s impossible to tell from here what they have done there. It looks they tried to sell a pre-configured RTF model and really whacked some things up. But if it’s able to be set up using normal ArduPilot setup it will work.


I’m staying with it . . . the model itself is impressive . . . any setup suggestions you can offer outside of Ardupilot will be noted.

btw, all the documentation I read on Pixhawk suggested “mounting the Pixhawk with the arrow pointing towards the front of the craft” . . . this heli has it mounted with the arrow towards the rear, facing the GPS