Help on diagnosing uncontrollable large copter

In my recent test, I faced the the crash because of some “delayed” response and sluggish behavior. The same PID and configurations was transfer from previous identical version.
The copter:
. 12S
. Motor P80 + 3218 props size
. Take off weight was 36 Kg

It seems to me this is not the best tuned yet and just AltHold mode was used. Please have a look when you have some time to help diagnosing this case.
Thanks in advance.

It’s unstable. Both roll and pitch oscillate around the desired. Probably motor response is not what’s asked for. What ESCs are you using ?

It is Tmotor Alpha 80A. We used it for my previous identical frame.
To my observation, the notch tune was not quite right. My previous one’s first harmonic was 30Hz but this drone is 40Hz. I am not sure if there are something more than that: