HELP! I will not receive any output to motors or servo

I have been trying to fix this issue for weeks. My drone will not send signal to motors. I recently bought a cheap pixhawk from ebay and I couldn’t get signal to my motors. I tried disabling all the failsafes in mission planner and that did not work. Anyways, after toying with settings I could never get it to work. I finally decided to get a holybro durandal flight controller that would be more robust. SAME ISSUE! My radio is calibrated and sending signal to the durandal which is basically a px4. However I go into servo output and receive nothing. I am very frustrated. I am using a dsm satellite reciever to my dx6e transmitter and opto esc’s and yes I do have a bec into the power rail at 5v. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Safety switch enabled and pressed?

Start with MissionPlaanner motor test.
The RC inputs do not translate directly into motor outputs - the aircraft needs to be set up correctly, armed and attempting to fly before the motor outputs are meaningful.

Problem fixed! Thank you for your input but I did not have the latest version of mission planner. Everything works now.