Help: Brushless motor with Relay

I am building a rover using four brushless motors with the following characteristics (shown in the table below)

can someone help me in setting up the parameters to get this to work with Ardupilot? I have been trying this for several days and can not seem to find a solution.
The motor is connected as follows (only testing one motor now to make it work … This is why I am only specifying the connections for one here):
Vcc: +12V
CW/CCW: Relay pin 1
PWM: Servo 1

Thanks in advance.

Same question. Specifically I had it working minus the brake in 4.1. Same parameters in 4.2 don’t provide the reverse signal.

OK, quick update for anyone else on this SERVO_GPIO_MASK 13, 14 need to be set in order to provide the relay 1, 2 with the non pwm signal on the orange cube, and provide reversing. This in release 4.2 on.