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Helo Pixhawk 2.4.8 AltHold Unsteady (Analyze Log File)

(Banjing) #74

Thanks @hosein_gh, yes the battery is not exactly in the center. Its much heavier on the side where it automatically flown horizontally instead of vertically,. Or is the built in compass on the pixhawk not precise? Thanks.

(Banjing) #75

Hi @hosein_gh, heres the link of my flying drone using althold and hover at the throttle center then moving stick up and down, but it is reverse. This is before not recent, I didnt try yet auto tune for this one.

This is the video tried last day, using althold mode and as i was saying it flown horizontally, in this situation the battery is located below the f450 base. didnt get the chance to flip to Auto Tune bacuase its drifting

(hosein gh) #76

i think drifting of your copter in second video is normal because you are in Althold mode not loiter or poshold mode if you look this video you can see that your copter is like other users in Althold mode
if you want your copter not drifting in the air try loiter or poshold mode but you can use these modes only in outdoor because they want GPS lock

(Banjing) #77

How about in the first video? It is in Althold mode also.

Can I used Loiter to take off then switch to Auto Tune after? Then once complete switch to Loiter for landing?

(hosein gh) #78

about your throttle :

also you can reverse CH3 in parameter list just search for RC3_REVERSED and change it

(hosein gh) #79

you can take off with loiter and also autotune your copter in loiter mode

(Banjing) #80

But i dont have chanel 7, I will just use Auto tune as flight mode, after take off I will switch to Auto tune mode. Then once complete, switch again to Loiter for Landing. Will it Hover on Loiter mode?

I will try on doing the things you all suggest, for now my propeller was damage i cannot test it. But already taking notes of all the suggestions.

Maybe by monday we will try flying in loiter mode to perform Auto Tunem but loiter needs GPS right? Which is better, GPS external or Indoor?

Once all the problem has been fix, next step is to perform mission flying/

(hosein gh) #81

takeoff with loiter then switch to autotune and after autotune is completed land with autotune mode to save PIDs.
indoor you will never get GPS lock

(Harald Schmid) #82

If you want to avoid the drifting you should trim the FC. Best is inside because there is no wind:

(Banjing) #83

Okay, so I can still Land with Auto Tune flight mode? Is this required to land with this flight mode to save the PID?

(Banjing) #84

How does Trim works? I dont have CH7 my transmitter receiver is only 6 channels. :frowning:

(Harald Schmid) #85

Read here:

(hosein gh) #86

yes you can land with autotune and its necessary

(Banjing) #87

Hi all, thanks all for the help and suggestions you provided. Im still waiting for the new motors and later on will be testing it then AutoTune. I hope that I will fixed this issue soon, so that I can move on to mission flying then later on finally used Camera. I will be updating from time to time.

(Banjing) #88

Sir, need your help. Will this motors okay? Thanks.

(Harald Schmid) #89

Those are good motors. Also possible t-motor air gear 450. they are even better:

(Banjing) #90

Thanks. DO you have any idea how Can I used compass internal and external, that for example if I will be flying on stabilise mode it won’t be needing GPS then automatically it will use internal compass? Cause I always remove external compass every time I tried indoor.thanks

(hosein gh) #91

You don’t need to remove external compass when you fly in door at all
Compass order will not change by changing flight mode if you set external compass as primary it will be main compass in all flight modes

(Banjing) #92

Hi Sirs, this is my recent flight log using the new motor in AltHold Mode. So far didnt get the chance to try yet AutoTune because of small area. Please help me analyze if there are still vibrations and problems. Thanks

(hosein gh) #93

you have to hover your copter at the least 1 minute for good vibration measurement
but in this log vibration is OK and don’t worry about clip graph it because of crash