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Helo Pixhawk 2.4.8 AltHold Unsteady (Analyze Log File)

You will struggle with the components of that build as Shawn has suggested. The motors and ESC’s you have are very poor quality and at best those F-450 frames, even with the higher rigidity arms, are prone to vibration problems. Replace the motors with 2212-920kv mulltirotor motors and replace the props. If you have the soft plastic arms (the cheapest variety) high vibration may continue to be a problem but it will be flyable.


Hello, what type of motor should i buy? And what size of propeller? My propeller is carbon fiber and quiet balance, i tried plastic propeller it didnt fly and always drift upon take off.

How about that motor? Is that okay?

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But still this if flyable though i retain my current motor and propeller while waiting for new right? I mean it will fly still?

Yes, those motors and props would be a good choice.

I wouldn’t fly with damaged props. They could catastrophically fail from being weakened from damage. I would use cheap plastic props before using those damaged CF’s.


But for the meantime can I use my existing props and motor first while waiting for those materials? Will this survive upon tuning? Thanks. Also, will the GPS matter wethere it has a stand or not?

Even raise the GPS up a few centimeters - any extra height will help

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Okay sir @xfacta I will try now raising GPS then auto tuning using my existing motors and propellers then Ill sent the log again, also, I will follow the instruction given by sir @hosein_gh for auto tune process as flight mode.

I have a question sirs, I will try auto tuning flight mode today, does it requires GPS? Because I will try in through indoor only.

Enabling it from AltHold should work. You will need a large indoor space to perform Autotune. If you have re-position it often due to lack of space it will take a long time to complete.


So, autotune does not necessarily need GPS? Do i need to re-calibrate again the compass without GPS? or i should just remove the GPS then it will arm? Because I tried removing the GPS connected to pixhawk it didnt armed, I didnt get the blue LED.

It doesn’t if you perform it in Altitude Hold mode. It won’t from Position Hold. The compass has nothing to do with the GPS. Leave the GPS connected, why disconnect it? If it won’t arm then turn off the arming check for GPS Lock.


So, Ill just leave that as is, but its not arming the switch is in AltHold Mode, upon upon pushing the safety switch and started to arm by holding my radio transmitter lower corner it didnt armed. It just beep

Do you have telemetry to Mission Planner? If so why does it say it won’t arm?

No I didnt connect telemetry, my connections are only GPS, and the basics. If im outside it arms, but indoww even AltHold wont armed.

Then do what I suggested and disable arming checks for GPS Lock.

where to disable arming check for GPS lock? in mission planner? Didnt encounter that, maybe thats what im missing because even though GPS wont be needed its checking GPS lock thats why the BLUE LED wont appear.

Yes in Mission Planner. On the Standard Parameter screen. Uncheck “All” and check what you want except GPS Lock.

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Stll the same, I unchecl GPS Lock i checked GPS Configuration at the arm checking.

Why still the same? Do I need to uncheck Compass #2? Because my compass config is Compass #1 check & External Compass check, also Compass #2 check. Please help.

did you uncheck “All” and check all the rest except “GPS Lock” ?

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