Hello good afternoon consult aling 450

hello good afternoon consult align 450 would have the connection diagram to connect and configure the arducopter plate and my radio is a walkera devo 10 thank you for your help

Good day, what kind of hardware you want mount?

the mounted plate is a ardupilot with firmware v3.2.1

i need more info pls coz its too generic

is a helicopter hk 450 with servo hitec receiver walkera devo ax1002 and the radio a devo 10 the gps is a lea-6h and the controller is an arducopter 2.6 descarga%20(2)

ok… what kind of power module? Just consider that this flight controller will not be supported for new releases of ardupilot under chibi os.
For the receiver you can connect it in sbus mode if it will be supported

what version I recommend of firmware to install the radio is connected by normal sitsema not by sbus signal

with you flight controller you are very limited with ardupilot firmwares.
What kind of power module you must wire for a direct connection