Hello from uruguay aling trex 450 x

hello good afternoon necsito help with respect to my problem I am installing an arducopter plate in my helicopter trex 450x is a model that takes three servos but in the form of H 1 FOR THE PICH 1 FOR THE AILERON AND ANOTHER FOR THE ELEVATOR NPERO CAN NOT CONFIGURE MY CICLICO PLATE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?

Welcome to the forum. I would highly recommend watching the videos on the Arducopter Document pages: http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/traditional-helicopter-configuration.html

It answered pretty much all of my answers when I got started on my project.


Hello thank you for answering yes I know but I have no information about this cyclic plate I can not find how to configure it

Can you post a picture of your swashplate? You’re saying it’s 3 servos but oriented at 90 degrees?
Typical Trex 450 swashplate is 3 servos at 120 degrees.

Hello, sorry, I can not upload a photo that I do not know how I can upload, I leave a link from my helicopter, it’s the same model as this one. http://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article_display.cfm?article_id=572

this is my cyclic plate

That looks like an old Trex 450XL with a mechanical mixer. The firmware you are using is not supported anymore. But you should be able to select H1 swash type and you’ll have to plug and unplug the servos from 1, 2 and 3 and swap them around until you get the proper servo to move when you move a control stick in the RC radio. Make sure your radio is set to H1 too (or use airplane mode in the radio) so there is no mixes coming out of the RC, or that will confuse the autopilot.

With a mechanical mixer only one servo should move at a time for a straight stick input.

I don’t recall if flybar mode worked in Copter 3.2.1. Seems to me it was broken and you have to set the P gains to zero and what is VFF now was FF then, and you have to set that to get the proper response.

Sorry, it’s been so long since I flew that version of the firmware a lot has escaped me and I no longer have a machine I can set up with the APM controller. I will look in my parameter archives to see if I saved the parameters from one.

hello thanks for the answer you know I did not find information for that model then change the helicopter for a conventional hk450 model and place the plate apm and a radio devo 10 have any help to configure parameters the firmware you place is the v3.2.1