Helicopter suggestions?

I’m after suggestions for a electric helicopter that could hold a cube Orange or similar, possibly the smallest class that would fit one? Would you be able to get a pixhawk board into something like a OMPHobby M2?

Hi @mattmeldrum , no it won’t fit into an M2. CubeOrange fits nicely from 600 class up.

Thanks @Ferrosan I am also interested in chassis options/prop setup for maximum efficiency/loiter time. I want to build a helicopter with more flight time and similar payload (gimballed camera) to a phantom 4 for examples sake. I’m just researching options at this stage.

As for the helicopter build – I am not versed in aerodynamics, I would hazard a guess that for efficiency, you would be looking at a large rotor diameter, low headspeed and mild aerofoil shape/load? Is this what I should be aiming for? What other factors am I missing?

With most sport helicopters that you will find on the market, they can be loaded to probably twice their takeoff gross weight as a sport heli. These aircraft are designed for stunt flying which means they have lots of power and high thrust to weight. I don’t have personal experience with this but know users that have done this. Most with larger 700 size heli’s. The drawback with most of these designs is their service life. These are hobby aircraft that are not designed for commercial use. I would think this to be more true of the smaller aircraft (500 and lower).
First cut, double the weight the manufacturer says is the takeoff weight. Subtract off the weight of the aircraft (without batteries) with the gimbal/camera and make up the rest of the weight in batteries. As a reference, I can get 15 min out of my synergy 600 size heli (10 lbs) with 12s, 5000 mAh batteries running at a rotor speed of 1500 RPM. However that is without a payload.

Good luck!

Thanks @bnsgeyer , great suggestions.