Heli Tail Problem On Takeoff

I’ve tried to takeoff with my Heli on stabilized mode, after spool up and very close to takeoff the tail turn badly to one side, don’t know what happen.

I’m trying to check the flight log but don’t know where to start from (I’m not familiar with flight log analysis).

The log file is in the link below:

Please your help

Are you sure that the servo direction is correct and that the tail rotor is spinning in the right direction?

Hello Jacob,

You are right… I replaced the tail servo and didn’t check the directions (thought all servos are the same).

Did you saw it at the log file or just good guess?

Thank you very much for your help.

Just a good guess :smiley:

Hello Jakob,

I was flying today and it’s fly perferct.

Thank you for your great guess.