Heli sudden loss of control after hovering for a minute

Hi there,

I have an old Blade 450 here that’s been collecting dust for years, so I decided I’d experiment with ArduCopter. It hovers for well (or as well as can be expected as it’s not tuned yet) in stabilise mode for a minute before before suddenly losing control and striking the rotor on the ground.

I have a log file but I’m not very good at interpreting it and I’m wondering if anyone more experienced can help.

My setup is as follows:
Blade 450X all stock eFlyte except for a digital tail servo and a cheapo 30A esc
Pixhawk 1
JR Propo with a single sat connected to the pixhawk
Copter 4.0.7
note: this heli was given to me so I’m not sure of its crash history

The log was a bit large to upload here so I’ve put it on Google Drive.


Thanks for the great work you all do!

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Hello Stuart @sety

checked briefly your log, looks like you did not go over the tuning procedure at all, and probably your suffering from vibration as well.
You can see it on the Pitch rate :

and on the Roll rate:

Also it will be good to add battery and RPM recording.
start with reading and following this document: