Heli flight controller options

I’m looking to build a 420 size heli and would like some flight controller recommendations. Is the pixracer with an M8N a good option? Also does anyone have any experience flying a helicopter with the F4 type boards usually used for miniquads, that recently received support for ardupilot?
Basically I would like to hear about different experiences with flight controllers on helis.
Thanks in advance.

Usually for a electric heli the options are greater and not so limiting regarding vibration isolation, when comparing with petrol/gas engines, nevertheless you should consider a vibration isolation mount on those boards that don’t have it.

The smaller F4/F7 boards that are supported with Chibios can be a good choice but it will be a careful choice specially considering that most of those only have 4 outputs and you need at least 6 outputs for Heli’s. I still want to test a F7 of these mini/micro, imu isolated boards but the ones I found only have 4 outputs.

I’ve used a PixRacer with a M8N on a 450 with good results with minimal damping (servo tape and velcro), but on the same size you have others like the MindRacer. If space allows then considering a larger CUAV V5 or a PixHack v3 seems to get lots of positive feedback from Heli users.

On 450 Pixracer should work fine. We have had one user that flew a Pixracer on a little Blade micro and it worked fine.

The mRo X2.1 is also quite compact and offer a few more features than the Pixracer.

Thanks for the responses. What does the mRo X2.1 offer that the Pixracer doesnt, that might be useful?

A full set out of output ports (PWM, AUX, Serial).