Heli FB acro mode problem


First of all I want to thank the development team who has worked so long on this project and without whom it would not exist.
I’m trying to settle a flybar helicopter equipped with a 2.6 APM and all the recommended 3DR equipment , and it goes pretty well, I have test the Loiter mode today, and despite some adjustments to make, it is rather encouraging.
There is a point that I do not understand, when I’m in STABILIZE mode, everything works normally, but in ACRO mode, I do not have cyclic control.
I looked for any parameter which could neutralize the cyclic but I have not found.
I followed the procedure of PID tuning on the WIKI …
If I chose a FBL heli in MP config then ACRO mode works fine, is this normal?

thank you for your help

ps: sorry my english doubtful, I’m French and Google translate is my friend: :smiley: o) …

Ooh, that’s not good. There may be a bug. I’ll have a look at it.

hi rob,

thanks for your help, waitig for your confirmation

Bruno, I had a look at the code quickly, and it seems fine. I’ll try to do a bench test soon.

hi rob,

thanks for your work.
I’m not sure to understand, you mean that the code 3.1 is ok and it’s pobably a config problem, or the new code (3.2) is now ok ?

No, nothing has changed on that bit of code recently. So it shouldn’t matter which version you use.

You caught me at a good time. I just got to test this on my heli. You’re right, there’s a problem here. I’ll find it.

thanks rob,

you’re the best … :smiley:

Hi, I am having the same problem with 3.1.


I noticed the same thing setting up my FB Min air machine on the bench. also, I noticed the collective moving to full negative when switching from stabalize to loiter.

machine has not flown yet

hi rob,

I 've read the release note for the 3.2 and there is nothing about the FB acro mode bug ?
Is it ok now ?


I actually did a patch to fix this on 3.1, have a look here:

diydrones.com/forum/topics/who-w … -acro-code

It appears to work. I will have to work to integrate this into 3.2, but it is not done yet.