Heli appeared to disarm when RTL activated

Ah ok. Thanks for clarifying that. I was confused, because the description is different in MissionPlanner. But it seems, it’s the value there and in the wiki it refers to the actual bit.

Hello Bill,

what should I take as a value for the degrees for semi symetric blades?

If my measuring instrument shows e.g. +10 degrees as max value, what should I enter as max value in this case?

I use only semi symmetric blades on my scale helicopters.



@heri always enter the actual values that you read from your pitch gauge. Then modify the values for H_COL_ZERO_THRST and H_COL_LAND_MIN. So now both of these values would be lower because of your blades produce thrust at zero blade pitch angle. You could make them 2 degrees lower initially and see how the vibrations are during ground runs in alt hold. But the right way to do it would be to determine what zero thrust blade pitch angle actually is. You may be able to do it with smoke and watch the smoke as you move the collective up and down during a ground run. Just a thought.