Heavy Vibrations - bad for Stab/Acro mode?

Hi, for some reason I do not know yet I have heavy vibrations on AccY (+/-10). AccX and AccZ are okay (+/-1 and -9/-11).

I don’t know if I’m able to reduce the vibrations, perhaps better blades, but anyway, my question is: Do this heavy vibrations have any effect on the heli in Stab or Acro Mode? These are most likely the only modes I will use (I do not even have a GPS.)

My hardware: 450 heli with APM 2.5

All the best, markus

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Yes, it definitely can cause a problem in those modes, particularly in Stabilize. The reason is the AHRS can lose track of which way is “down”, and will attempt to roll the aircraft over. So you could end up fighting the system just to keep it level.

Argh. Thank you, Rob. Better balanced blades then…

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If your Y accels are that much higher than your X, that’s a bit odd. I’d actually consider that maybe your vibration damping system is too soft, and is shaking in the Y direction.

Typically if the vibration is caused by blade imbalance, bent shaft, or tracking, you’ll get Y accels about twice that of X.

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I have face the same problem while the AccY is much bigger than accX and accY.
I am using a 3D printing mount frame for the APM. Is that cause this problem?

Oh my, that is really terrible. Probably the worst I’ve ever seen. I can’t guess what the problem would be, you’d have to at least attach some pictures.

I just remove the 3D printing mount frame.It seems better now.