Heavy Octo Quad X8, Abnormal yaw, too low Rate D

I can´t speak for the Alpha series, but I have been using the FLAME 60A ESCs with U8XL motors and 30" propellers and initially I had MOT_THST_EXPO set to 0.6 but had issues in low throttle states, especially on landing (it often shaked shortly after touchdown). Changed this value to 0.2 based on t-motors thrust measurement data and the problems were gone.

Here is my sheet: FLAME60A ArduPilot Motor Thrust Fit - Google Sheets

edit. Also never had any issues with the powertrain. Used them in the burning hot summer, in cold winters down to -15 °C, also rain. Motors run very smooth even after 2 years of use in an industrial applicaton.

Thank you JDANILOM and Hoehenarbeit!
I initially had this parameter MOT_THST_EXPO 0.2, while the problem did not disappear, it may be in something else.