Heated IMU - 3.5.3

I went out to do some test flights today, its getting really cold here in Minnesota (36 degrees F), and I noticed the IMU cube is not heating at all, I’m currently running 3.5.3, is there any way to enable the IMU heater, or is it simply not supported yet in the Traditional Heli firmware?

What is parameter BRD_IMU_TARGTEMP set for? Are you looking at IMU Temp in the logs to determine it isn’t warming up?

I just checked it again indoors, its definitely working, I think being it was so cold today, I could tell that its working by just touching the cube when its set to 45deg C, I’ve added the “raw_temp” parameter to the hud so I can monitor the actual IMU temp.


I meant to say I couldn’t tell that it was working earlier by just touching the cube, at least now with the “raw_temp” parameter added to HUD, I have a way to make sure its warmed up adequately on cold days before I lift off.