Heading Hold

Dear All,

I am trying to use the Heading Hold function from a MiniApm3.1 set up to control a servo rudder. I’m not having a great deal of luck setting this up.

The heading hold is for a custom built subsea vehicle (see below for picture) used for deep sea wreck surveys. Currently it uses 2 thrusters working together to spin the platform to maintain a desired heading. It uses an Arduino Nano and some code I have wrote myself.

I would like to change the board and code to use the APM as the PID algorithms would be much better than mine, plus I get telemetry data plus I can tune PID algorithms in the field.

What would I need to do to use the APM with Mission Planner and Copter firmware to control the rudder servo?

There would be no other servos, no GPS and only the on board pitch, roll and yaw readings of which I will be using solely the yaw data.

Do I need to disable all the failsafes?

Does heading lock only work with GPS reception? If so, how can I tell the APM board to use heading lock without GPS?

Any help in configuring this for this particular use would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,