Having troubles when writing and reading missions on MissionPlanner

I’ve been trying to read and write a mission while my drone is in the air, using MissionPlanner 1.3.77 and Pixhawk2.4.8, and when I checked the MissionPlanner logs, I’ve seen that I have been sending mission_count when trying to write, and received from the drone mission_request_int0, then I sent mission_item_int0, and the drone’s response was mission_request_int0, and it got stuck in a loop of the MissionPlanner sending mission_item_int0 and the drone responding with mission_request_int0 until a timeout exception.
How can I fix this problem? is it any configurable parameters that I missed?
I’m lost and will be happy with any idea for fixing this, thank you

Why don’t you choose cube?

I Bought the pixhawk already and I wont be able to buy a new cube soon, id like to fix this problem instead