Having problem with modes requiring compass

I am setting up my first APM 2.6, only used KK2 before, and having an issue with Loiter. It flies fine in Stabilize, but when I switch to Loiter I can’t control direction at all. When synced to computer the IMU shows the compass working correctly as does the map which shows heading, I have tried several times to recalibrate and all seems well, hit all the white dots, I get the correct GPS location on the map, I have the GPS module pointed correctly as is the FC (GPS about 8 inches above everything and have it set for rotate 180). Also MP shows my switches changing modes, and I tired it on a couple of different switches so I don’t really know what else it can be. Any ideas?

Please provide tlogs and/or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

I think I have found my problem, after more tries the compass finally stopped working completely (not even a power light), so it was probably going in and out causing my grief.