Having issues..pls help

I am building a quad with pixhawk 2 cube. X8r/taranis x9d, I need help from a veteran…anyone willing to help over the phone, I don’t have internet all the time. I believe I am over complicating it but I can’t get the motors to arm, I can’t see my GPS, I am trying to set up frsky telemetry, I am close but I am not getting something…help please

What GPS module are you using? HERE?

The copter will refuse to arm without a GPS/compass in certain flight modes, so try arming in Stabilize. If that doesn’t work, Mission Planner will give you an error message when you try to arm your motors if you have MP connected.

What is the error message you receive in MP?

Right now the biggest problem is I can not get the Heartbeat from MAVLINK. I have tried so many ways to get it to connect but it will not go. I have applied power, disconnected everything from the cube, connected GPS and buzzer, uploaded firmware for planenthen back to copter…i am getting frustrated.

I uninstalled and reinstalled mission planner. Everything seemed to work, I now have 3d fix on gps. Now i need to get everything else to work. How do i setup to use with flight deck, taranis x9d, frsky telemetry ect? What I don’t understand is how to change serial protocols and actually use the meat and potatoes of this system

Ok…so it started talking to me? Wasn’t expecting it. It is giving me errors, I can’t understand. I/o handshake fail, pre-arm compass calibration fail…if someone can call me at 912.323.2180 I would seriously owe you if you can walk me through some of this. I am running out of time.

Anyway you can talk me through some things? Over the phone so you can hear what it is telling me

Unfortunately I am not familiar with Flightdeck or FRSky telemetry at all, and I have never encountered the I/O handshake fail error, so I can’t help you there. The compass calibration error is telling you that you need to perform a compass calibration before flying. This can be done with mission planner.

As for the Taranis and receiver, what part you are having trouble with? Typical setup is to plug the X8R’s SBUS port into the Pixhawk RC IN port, bind the transmitter, then do an RC calibration in Mission Planner.

I have done all of that…how do i get past the disarmed portions?

Any error Mission Planner gives you that starts with “PreArm:” must be dealt with before flying - I assume this is what you mean. For example, the compass and accelerometer calibrations. All the first-time setup steps are documented here.

Beyond that, you’ll have to be more specific about what problems you’re encountering.