Have to cycle power to ARM Quad

Quad, Pixhawk Clone (v2.4.6), MP v1.3.74 bld 1.3.756327684, Copter legacy v4.0.5. (i.e. <1M mem), plastic props and plastic frame, Taranis X9D+ TX, Taranis X8R RX (SBUS from RX to Pixhawk clone). Conducted the mandatory setup, no issues.

Nearly every time I power up my quad I have to cycle the power before the quad will ARM. I have conducted several flight tests including RTL (auto land) and all have gone very well. I have recalibrated the compasses a couple of times but that does not seem to resolve the ERR’s I am seeing, nor does it fix the issue with power cycle before ARMing.

When I review the logs I always see the same EKF error (red text) at the top of the graph. See attached example.

Also, .bin file: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1oJu4VgNgmyL_zD6jq1j20pBN_rVmGqK6

Does anyone have some suggestions on what I might do to rectify this situation?