Hardware in the loop 2021

Hi there!

I want to implement a HITL simulation for helicopters using Ardupilot and a Cube Orange. I have seen in some discussions that the firmware for HITL is already discontinued.

It is possible to implement HITL by downgrading the firmware to the last supported version? If so, where could I find it and would it be compatible with the Cube Orange?

Additionally, I have tried with PX4 and it supports HITL, however, the only airframes available are Planes and quadcopters.

No, HITL is supported again in version 4.1.0-dev.

No need for that, upgrade to 4.1.0-dev


Rumour has it you can get that sort of effect by passing in external-AHRS

There are no examples that I know of, sorry.

Source code on the ArduPilot side is

Could you please provide more details on hardware in the loop support in 4.1.0-dev? Is it for both ArduPlane and ArduCopter or just ArduPlane? I tried looking for the latest commits, issues, etc. related to HIL / HITL / HWIL but was not able to find any details other than the removal of HIL_MODE (see this pr).