Hard to Arm Quad and it won't shut down?

This is a new build and i’m a new pilot (well trying to be)
APM 2.5—MP 1.2.55—mav 1.0—ArduCopter V2.9.1b quad—935kv motors 1 amp 600Hz bec ESCs.
I try to arm the quad, most times it won’t.
when it does the motors (no props) spin up and i don’t have much low idle,
when i drop the throttle all the way down the motors spin up to maybe 50% and won’t shut down.
i switch from Stabilize to Loiter and back to Stabilize and as soon as i drop the throttle it spins back up.
i have to unplug the lipo to shut it down (glad the props are off) :slight_smile:
I calibrated my (TX) a Graupner mx12 in the Mission Planner, everything looks good.
throttle pwm value : min. 985 max. 1900
all the rest are at min.1100 max. 1900
channel 5 Stabilize
I have no failsafe programed in MP ( will set later)
When i calibrated the ESC’s (in auto calib. and manual calib.)
(while in calibration) The motors spun up nice, idle nice, sounded nice, shut down nice, and spun up nice again,
Until i unplug the lipo and plug back in and try to arm the quad then my problem starts again.
MX12 settings: Plane:
Base settings: (Stick mode 2) (no motor at C1) (Tail type normal) (aile/flap1 aile)
Servo settings: (S1 0% 138% 100%) (S2-S3-S4-S5-S6 0% 100% 100%)
Control settings 5 (ctrl 9) STAB-LOIT -RTL +100% +100%
D/R expo (none)
Wing mixer (none)
Phase trim (normal) 0% 0%
Free mixer (none)
Fail safe (1-2-3-4 Pos)( 5-6 Hold) delay .75s
Seems like my TX settings are doing something weird? It works so nice in calibration mode.
Anybody with an idea please share, be nice
old man

What version of Arducopter code are you using? The latest version 3 has some arming pre-checks that might be the reason…

Otherwise, you mentioned that you already calibrated your radio… are you sure that the channels are correct, and that nothing is reversed? Also are you using any mixing settings on your radio?

unmannedtec Thanks for the reply
I don’t have a Arducoptor but i am using the Ardupilot 2.5 board on this build.
Down and to the right 4 sec. in stablize mode, is how i’ve been trying to arm.
It does arm sometimes but acts really weird.
When i calibrated my radio in MP all controls worked in the proper direction.
At this time i have no mixing, should i ??
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I’m Happy Now
Well after reading some advice i went for a walk, had a can of pop and
uninstalled Mission Planner from my pc, restarted pc, reinstalled MP
installed firmware, calibrated radio, set flight modes all three to stablize
auto calibrated quad motors and VIOLA the quad works just fine.
Then i changed the flight modes to stablize-loiter-RTL and VIOLA the quad works just fine.
I think something in the flight mode was weird ?
Now I’m happy,
I’m sure i won’t have any more problems :laughing:
old man